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Teacher Used Me As Her Wish

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The story which I’m going to share with you guys happened a 2years ago. I was doing my plustwo at that time. This was the first and last experience of me. This happened between me and a junior class teacher.
It was a Saturday, when we had our economics special class. All of the boys were absent for the day. There were only 11 students present on that day in our class. I was the only guy present on that day. Irritated by lot of absentees our economics teacher left the class. After that girls were busy talking to themselves about some blah blah blah. I was very irritated because I had no company. So I just thought to roam around the campus. I went to downstairs to get some good air, there was special class for 7th standard too. By 1.00pm their class was finished and they left. As I was passing by their class one teacher who was there in the class saw me and called me to help her with corrections. I cursed myself for the bad day and went to help her. It was a hectic job, she was correcting papers and I was counting total marks. About 2.00 pm bell rang and even our class was dispersed. I was eager to get out from here. But no way, we did our work till 3.00 . Only we both were in the entire floor. Everyone left. Suddenly a staff brought tea to the teacher and she kept it on the table and went away. I was very frustrated but didn’t show anything outside. She was drinking tea and correcting her papers. Meanwhile I was watching her drinking tea, suddenly she caught my glance, she thought I was staring at her chest. Even I felt ashamed for my act. She continued correcting till 4.30 . ( she is a medium heighted lady at her mid 30’s). Suddenly she asked my were I was looking at her before. I felt very guilty and told her I was looking at the tea only. She angrily replied that she knew what I was looking at. I tried to tell her the truth but she didn’t believe me. She kept her face very angrily. Now I was thinking about the consequences of this. Suddenly she asked me(conversation below)

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I wonder why this published in this site. there r many sites like literotica containing very high quality english stories..
I think almost 99 percent readers of this site are not enthusiastic about an english story.Moreover the story is sb-standard.
Anyway dear admin if u are posting eng.stories plz make sure that it has some content, it is a request..

agree with you
pls avoid english and manglish…!!!
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