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Sneha & Brothers – PART 06

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This is the next part of the Sneha and Brothers series after I was fucked by Mithun and his 4 friends and the driver and same happened with Ambali. We reached our hotel at night. I got dressed and went in the hotel Ambali and my brothers were already there,

Ambali was looking divested her hair were all curled and she her face was very red I realized that my brothers had taken her very hard. Mithun was booking rooms at the counter and I was standing next to him the hotel was not a very decent place it looked as a that kind of hotel where all kind of things happened, Mithun booked 5 rooms two for each persons. I asked him “You should book six rooms as we are 12 people” he laughed and said “ You two sluts won’t be sleeping the hole vacation, u both can get unconscious in any of the room” it was clear that there only motive of this vacation was fucking and fucking both the girls like anything. Everyone went in there rooms as me and Ambali didn’t have any rooms so we decided to go in any one of rooms and get fresh so I want in to Samar’s and she went to Amith’s. We all got fresh I bathed with Samar where he fucked my mouth in the bathroom.

After we were done we all went to dinner I was asked to wear a tube dress which showed bit of my cleavage but that wasn’t satisfactory for my brothers so they pulled down my dress and revealed half of my boobs were visible now even the nipple part Samar got a call from Mithun he asked us to come down, as we went down everyone in the hotel was staring at me some of them whistled at me I saw Ambali standing at the door she was wearing a corset dress with a short skirt her big boobs were ready to come out of the dress and more than half of her boobs were visible in that dress we reached the dinner place there was no person who saw us stayed without starring at us we sat for dinner and after I was almost done Samar asked me to come with him,

I did as he said and he took me right outside the men’s toilet and asked me come in with him but denied he looked at me with those eyes and dragged me in and I didn’t have any choice but to go with him we went in silently and no one noticed us he took me to one of the alcove and made me stand back my ass facing him he pulled up my skirt and within seconds his pants was down and his 10’ monster was out and directly went into my asshole he rammed my ass hard ahhhh nooooo plzzzzz I screamed even I knew someone might listen because it was painful he came in my ass within 5 minutes as he was done he got his pants on back and I stood up but he asked me to stay there saying this he went away and after that five other came in and fucked my face they spoiled the dress and it was all wet and lot saliva was there on my boobs We started to move but Ambali and five of us were not there I asked Samar “

They are quite busy with her on the roof, they’ll join us later lets go” .

As we reached the hotel everyone went into their rooms Samar caught my ass and dragged me to his room with Ranjith in it I was always amazed by there by their level on energy to fuck they were like always ready to fuck me,

I stood in the room waiting for them to say something because I knew they didn’t took me just to make me sleep, and then two hands grabbed my boobs and pulled down my dress from my boobs and my nipples were pinched hard, Ahhh hhhhh hhhh hhhssss ssss sss sss sssss sssssss Ranjith was in front of me nude his hard rock dick pointing at me as Samar was behind me he picked me up till his stomach and asked me to hold his dick and shove it in my ass I took his dick in my hand and placed it on my asshole,

I wasn’t wearing any panties and then he pushed me down and ad his 10’ monster submerged into my ass before I can take his dick completely in my ass Ranjith came from front and shoved his monster in my pussy and the rhythmic fuck of my ass and pussy begin and didn’t stop for half an hour, with my moaning voices I could also hear some voices from the next room where Ambali was being ravished.

Half an hour Samar and Ranjith fucked me and after that I was so fucking tired I came about twice during that half an hour and I didn’t have any energy left in me but that was not there problem, few minutes later there was a knock at the door Ranjith asked me to open it I had cum on my face, I went and opened the door it was Amith at the door he saw my face covered with cum and laughed and said “ Slut is ready for the long night “ saying this he grabbed my hair and dragged me to his room where Ajith was already nude , nor Ajith and Amith or Sam and Aman who fucked me after Amith and Ajith showed any mercy to us we both Ambali were fucked till 5 in the morning and then finally allowed to sleep, with a message that “tomorrow will be a long day sluts” which shacked me in my sleep.

Someone woke me up at 8 in the morning I had a sleep of just three hours before I was again ready to fuck a bunch of monsters, Rohit came to and asked to get dressed I stood up and went to bath and came out and saw a dress at the bed it was a white shirt and a daisy duke short I wore my dress and the short I wore a bra as Rohit asked me to, as I was done dressing he came to me and tide my shirt up and opened all the buttons from the top which revealed my bra cleavage and my navel area and the short was short enough to reveal some of my butt cheeks. I looked like a skimpy cowgirl with a tie up shirt and daisy dukes.

As everyone was ready to leave suddenly Diljith held me from back and whispered in my ear “ I have a gift for u slut” and saying this me opened my Daisy duke shorts pulled them down I thought I was going to get my ass fucked but it was worse, he took out something from his pocket and showed it to me and to my surprise it two extreme big metal Ben wa balls he started to shove one of it up my asshole and it was going up my ass I screamed as the ball teared by asshole up to 4 inches I screamed ahhhhh and begged them to take that out but no one listened and gradually the ball completely disappeared in my asshole before I could say anything another metal ball started to make may up my asshole but It didn’t go in completely s some part of it was still out which made sure my asshole remained open and painful, as it was done he pulled my dukes back and closed the buttons and asked me to walk and I did I wasn’t able to walk properly and as did everyone laughed seeing me walk like that but I was in pain and thought how he fuck will I walk the whole day, and then Ambali entered the room and she was wearing just a low cut sports bra from which her big boobs were trying to come out and a skin tight shorts but suddenly I noticed a uneven ness near her pussy area and near the asshole and yes she too walked differently.

Aman said why don’t tell this other slut what are u hiding in your shorts” she looked down with embarrassment and said that she had huge butt plug shoved into her ass and a huge plastic dildo in her pussy, everyone laughed hearing her say that.

Samar grabbed our asses and asked us to move. That day we walked more than necessary as it everyone was enjoying the pain we both were suffering we walked few kilometres that day and with every step it becoming harder to walk they continuously spank and tortured us in between. Our dress played a very important role there was no single men who didn’t stare at us a few even teased us seeing the way we walked. They took many photos of us with either our tits flashing or assholes open in every photo. Finally after walking for a whole day we reached a riverside and all of them started to set a tent there, it was then we came to know that we’ll spend the night here.

Tent was set and they put dim lights too so everything can be seen clearly, we both were sitting somewhere near a tree when Roshan called us and we stood up and went there, everyone was standing there. Roshan came from back and opened my shorts and dropped them and with them one of the metal balls also came out revealing my gaped ass Roshan shoved his fingers deep in my asshole and took the other metal ball out. AHhhh I moaned it was a huge relief to me as that thing came out of my ass,

Samar started working on Ambali and took out his butt plug and dildo and making her situation better. Everyone settled down on their chairs and beach chairs and everyone grabbed some beers in their hands and started drinking. “We all are tired sluts!! We wanna have some fun with u so u better move that ass and show us some moves” Sam said. He turned on the music and a desi Bollywood song was on “Move that asses sluts” Sam screamed.

I started to move so a Ambali I was a good dancer and danced well shaking my ass and boobs doing slutty moves even though I didn’t wanted to but if I wouldn’t they would punish me, Ambali was also doing good moving her big boobs up and down for everyone we danced for 10 min when Ajith stood up and came towards us he took me and Ambali by our hair and fixed our lips with each other’s and asked us to make out, we started exchanging saliva and our tongues were running over each other’s then suddenly he took one of his bottle of beer and started pouring it on my head, the beer went all the way down from my head to my legs making my shirt and bra completely I was drenched in beer, he took another bottle and did same thing with Ambali while we kept kissing each other our kiss now tasted like beer.

Ajith took me by my hairs and poured a mouthful of beer in my mouth and asked me not to gulp it he brought Ambali’s mouth near mine and asked me to pour it in her mouth, I did It Ambali’s face was filled with disgust and everyone laughed he did the same thing few more times and some more bottles of beer were poured on us. I could see that most of them were aroused by now by seeing a huge tent in each of their pants,

Ajith was sitting his beach lounge he called me towards him, we lay back on his lounge and I understood what I have to do now I took out his throbbing dick out of his pants and started sucking it while Diljith and Ranjith played with Ambali’ body,

Ajith rammed my throat real hard gagging gghagg gahhaa ggaha gaga ghagg gahh aa ggaha ga gaggh agg me as always after some time I was dragged to another dick of Amith and similarly to Mithun, Aman and Sam while all my brothers and Rohit were dong same to Ambali. After the blowjob session was done from nowhere a thing came which I hatted most that is a rope which was within seconds tied around my hands and then I was taken to one of the tents and Ambali remained outside with my brothers.

A rope was tied around Ambali’s hands and she was dragged to one of the beach lounge Samar laid on the lounge and asked Ambali to sit over his dick and Ranjith took her ass and Diljith and Rohit was face fucking her. Ahhh gghagg g ah haa ggaha ga gaggh agg gahhaaggaha g agag ghag g gah haag gaha gaga aggggh ghhhh hhhhgg ghhgg hgggh she tried to moan as they rammed her every hole.

They gave her tight slaps and spanking in the middle, and inside the tent I was sandwiched between Ajith and Amith and my throat was rammed by Mithun and Sam ahhhhh noooo plzzz aahhase is moaned as hard as possible but there was no one to listen, after half an hour Amith and Ajith exchanged position with Sam and Mithun and Aman was contentiously chewing my nipples, few minutes later cum rushed out of Sam’s dick filling my ass hole with it and before I could relax a bit Aman shoved his dick in my ass and started ramming me….. out the tent with Ambali Samar had his hands in her curly hairs pulling them with all force and ravishing her ass and Roshan with his fat dick was tearing her pussy Ahhh seesss plzzz stoppp she screamed like hell.

The fucking continued for an hour or more I cummed at least 5 times during my fuck session my every hole was filled with cum Sam took me out where Ambali was lying breathing heavily, “clean that cum out of her asshole slut” Sam ordered me I looked at him with disgust “Do it or I’ll make u lick every asshole here”. Out of bear I bend over Ambali’s ass and shoved my tongue in her ass and gulped all the cum oozing out of her ass and pussy , Sam forced my tongue as deep as possible in Ambali’s ass few minutes later he forced Ambali to do the same and it felt good, we were really a sluts cleaning each other’s asshole we were fucked to our limits but that was not it Aman brought some more rope,

He asked us to stand up he made us stand in front of each other face to face were close so close that our lips were touching each other and first he tied a rope in our neck and tighten it our faces were so much into each other and then another rope on thighs sticking us completely, we both stood there sticking to each other face to face Samar came from back put his hands around my belly and whispered in my ears “ Get Ready” Mithun came from back Mithun went to Ambali and Samar came to me, they both shove there dicks in our ass and started ramming us , In the beginning they were slow but later they were competing with each other that who could thrust harder in our asses, we screamed and moaned in each other’s mouth and one after other all the 12 fucked our asses like anything and settled down, cum flowed all the way down our legs and thighs.

We breathed heavily we were so fucked my ass was very sore. Everyone stared moving back to their tent and no one cared to open us “plzzz open usss plzz don’t do this plzzz” I shouted “You sluts look good together. Stay like this for the night” Ajith said. I was around 3 in the night we stayed like that for 8 in the morning we just lied down in the soil. We woke up at 8 in morning we didn’t sleep all night because of the uncomfortable situation but still I dozed off, Suddenly “whack” “whack” “whack” someone spanked my ass hard and I cried ahhhhh hhhhh hhh hhh hhhhh hhhhhhh nooo ooo ooo ooooo oooos sseeeee eeeeee eeeee eeee eeeeee eeeeesss sssss ssss sssss ssssss it was my dear brother Diljith “time to wake up sluts” he screamed at us we got scared, we tried to stand up but failed he helped us on our knees, we stood with our face still sticking to each other’s “let’s start this sluts”

He took his dick out and brought it to our face and put it in between my and Ambali’s lips and getting a double blowjob for himself. And for the next two hour everyone had their turns in getting their double blowjob last one was Sam he finally released us from the bondage and allowed us to rest, we went in and had a bath and went to sleep and woke up at 7 in the evening. This night was not too different from the last one we danced for those horny dogs for an hour and were fucked like anything for the rest of the night thankfully without the ropes this time.

We stayed there for 3 more days never wore any clothes except while dancing they used to dress us like real sluts and use and abuse, the fucking never stopped , and on the last day we were joined by both the drivers they too fucked our brains out. On the last day we were continuously fucked by 14 horny men for several hours, finally I gave up and got unconscious on the last day.

When I woke up I was in a hotel room and Ambali was getting fucked by two, right next to me. We stayed there for next 5 days they used to dress us like sluts and take us in public for display and night as usual was hard for us. We came back from the erotic vacation and continued my fuck like there, now Ambali was my new best friend

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