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Sneha & Brothers – PART 05

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After my hardest banging at my fresher’s party it continued and I was finally a complete slut who can be used anytime anywhere by anyone, my fucking continued further and more people joined even from outside college and this went till my summer vacations were there in month of June . I was at Mithun’s place with Ajith and Amith I made an excuse at home to attend a friends party and was taken to Mithun’s place instead and was getting banged there by all three of them, once they were done they went in and came back after few minutes and sat of the couch where I was lying exhausted, their flaccid dicks were hanging still they looked so big.

“Slut!!! Come there and sit on my lap” Mithun said.

“Go on whore!! Your boyfriend is calling u” Saying this Amith spanked my ass and I stood up and walked towards Mithun.

I sat on his lap and he started caressing my ass and licking my nipples.

“What plans do you have this vacation” Mithun asked me.

“Nothing till now” I said

“Wanna go on a holiday with me and my friends” he asked with a devilish smile on his face. I understood what was in his mind he wanted to take me somewhere, where he and his friends could enjoy me.

I gathered some courage and said “No” because I didn’t wanted to go anywhere with that monster.

“Are you sure?” He asked

And before I could speak anything he shoved two of his fingers in my asshole Ahhhhhh noooo oooo plzz in screamed suddenly.

“Are you sure” He asked again. I didn’t answer him as I was busy screaming again he shoved his two more fingers form other hand and started tearing my asshole. I felt like someone is cutting my asshole with a knife ad I screamed like hell ahhhh sssseeeee noooooo plzzzzee it is hurting plztzzz stop no.

But he kept doing it and asked again “ Will you go on a vacation with me and my friends Yes or No”

“Ahhhaaaahh yessss I will but plzzzz stop doing this plzzzz’ I begged him.

“That’s like a good slut” He said and removed his fingers. Tears were coming out of my eyes and my asshole burned like hell, I abused him in my mind because I didn’t want to suffer that again.

Few minutes later when pain was gone I said “ Mom won’t let me go” I still have some thought that mom won’t let me go but I knew that’s not gonna happen.

“You don’t worry about that slut; your brother will take care of that. Now go and bring me my mobile phone, I am gonna call your brother and make some plan” said Mithun. I didn’t like him abusing my mom, I brought him his phone and he dialled Samar.

“Hey bhenchod Wassup, your slut sister wants to go on a vacation with me and my friends this month but she is afraid that your slut mom won’t let her go can you help her in this situation” Mithun said on the phone.

“Okay thanks Man I owe you a big one, Ohhhh of course anything for you bro” He said again.

“Ohh yes that sounds like a good plan bro!! Okay I’ll talk to you later, Yes off course” he said and handed the phone to me and put it on loudspeaker.

“Hey sweet little slut enjoying the party.” Samar said.

“She is enjoying it too much bro!! Tell him what had happened to you till now” Mithun said. I saw him and asked him for mercy but instead he slapped my pussy and asked me to tell what had happened.

“Mithun, Amith and Ajith had just fucked me like a slut and when I denied going on a vacation with Mithun he forced four of his fingers in my asshole and gapped my asshole” I explained him.

“Okay slut you are really enjoying!! Huh hahahaha Go on enjoy I’ll see you tomorrow”

saying this he laughed at my condition and hanged the phone.

By the time they all were hard again and Ajith reckoned me to come and suck him off and then they fucked my brains out for another two hours till 5 in the morning and then slept of leaving me nude on the couch. Next day when I woke up it was 11 in the morning and I was at my home in my bed, I didn’t have any idea how and when I reached there, suddenly mom came to my Room and she had a suitcase with her like, I realized that she is going somewhere.

“Good Morning beta” Mom said.

“Morning mom, where are you going?” I asked her.

“Sneha I thought while you are going on a 2 week holiday with your friends and brothers I thought maybe I could go and live with you dad for 2 weeks” she said.

I was surprised to know that last night Mithun was talking about the Vacation and now it’s done. Mom told me to take care and enjoy and left and Roshan went along with her to drop her. As soon as mom left Samar came to my room.

“Get ready slut for your 2 week of vacation” he said.

“But How did you convinced mom?” I asked.

“That’s none of your concern, we leave today so get ready” he said.

“Where we going and how many people are going” I asked.

“10 guys slut isn’t that enough for you” he said laughing.

I was so shocked that I would have to live in between a bunch of monsters for two weeks, last time I was fucked by these many guys it was the fresher party after which I wasn’t able to walk properly for 1 week what would happen now. I was so terrified.

“Don’t worry baby you might get some help here!! Now get ready you slut we leave in afternoon” saying he kissed me and left.

I got ready by 2 and then we went to Mithun’s house where other people were waiting for us. As I entered I saw 6 guys sitting in the room there were three new guys other than Mithun Amith and Ajith and surprisingly there was another girl sitting with these guys and I recognised she was my seniors I had seen here many times with Ajith and his friends but we never had a conversation.

Ajith introduced me to Ambali she was in third year. She was good looking but not better than me but her boobs were much bigger than mine they were like 38D I think. While introducing me Ajith gave a tight slap on her ass and called her names, I suddenly realized that she is some like me whom my brothers and friends use as a slut. She looked fearful and used.

“We have some time left before the cars arrives we can till then have some fun” said Samar.

“Yeah let’s get these bitches introduce each other” Ranjith said.

Saying this Ranjith came to me and asked me to go and tell her your name and make out with her, I was little taken back as it was little weird I looked at Ranjith and he showed me his angry eyes and I understood that I didn’t have any other option I went closer to her, she was standing still and not saying anything but Ajith again gave a slap on her ass and her to do the same, she looked into my eyes and I knew she was very fearful and used like me, as I went near to her “Hi… I am Sneha” saying this I began to kiss her I was frozen and so she was as this was happening with me for the first time and I kept on kissing her.

After some times she also started responding to my kiss and we kissed deeply our tongues were playing with each other we exchanged these kisses for few minutes and then she came down a bit and started kissing my neck I was feeling good as this time someone was taking me with such politeness. All the guys were enjoying the show while we made out with each other all they guys were hard by now and suddenly Amith came from back and took me by hairs and said “ I can’t take this anymore I am gonna fuck your sisters brains out now Samar” “okay and I am gonna do same with yours buddy” Samar said.

Then I came to know that she was Amith’s sister and she was in a same situation as mime. Amith started to take me towards the room with my hairs and Samar did the same to Ambali but suddenly there was horn at the door.

“Ohhhh fuck there car drivers they are here at the wrong time” Amith said, “ Now hurry up guys we can do this latter also we are already late we should move now” Diljith said.

I was saved by the arrivals of cars but didn’t knew what was coming next, as we went out there were two SUV’s in front of the house we were total 12 people, as we moved towards the car Mithun said “I am taking this slut with me and you guys take care of the other bitch” saying this Mithun, Amith, Ajith, and two other stranger guys came to me in one car and all my brothers and one other stranger went in the other car with Ambali in it. I sat in the middle seat between Ajith and Amith, Mithun was sitting in front with the driver and the two other guys whose name I came to know as Rohit and Sam were at the back seat. And we moved the vacation spot.

I was wearing a half tank top which was revealing lot of my belly part and a short skirt with was really very short, the driver was continuously checking me out in the back mirror. He was staring at my boobs again and again as then this happened.

“Randi, Hamne ghar par ek kaam adhura chodd diya tha yaha pura karle kya” Amkur said out loud that even driver heard that. I gave his a look that driver is here don’t say anything in front of him but he didn’t listen to me.

“Areyy sharma kya rahi h rand, chal ye top utar jaldi mera lund abh bhi khada h” he again said I was so embarrassed and now that driver was passing a wicked smile to me in the mirror. Suddenly Amith shoved his hand in my top and started massaging my boobs I tried to stop him but he instead pinched y nipples and forced me to take off the top Ahhhh hhhhh plzzz nooo I screamed , “take of your top then” Amith said.

And within a minute I was sitting nude between Amith and Ajith and till then Mithun explained the driver who I really was a slut he said and why he was taking me for the vacation, now the each and every person was enjoying my embarrasses and while I was about to be fucked in a moving car, Amith’s dick was out of his pants by now a he held my head and bend me towards his dick and shoved his 8 inch monster in my mouth gagging me like hell after gagging me like that for few minutes I felt something near my ass and it was Ajith making his way in my ass and he shoved his dick in my ass and now they both fucked me like that in rhythm for half an hour and when they were done I was transferred to the back seat where Rohit and Sam used me the same way for an hour or half.

I was thinking what was happening to Ambali she might also suffering from same condition. After they were done we kept moving I was nude all the time, Samar from the other car told us to stop at a roadside dabha for some food as we reached there Samar’s car was already there and Ambali as I thought was sitting nude in the car. As we stop there I started to get dressed and came down the car and started moving towards the dabha but Ambali was still sitting in car nude. Suddenly someone called from the back and said.

“Mithun sir is randi ko yahi chodd jao mere pass” said the driver. I was shocked to listen that and looked at back at him and he gave me a weird smile,

“Kya karoge iska” Mithun asked laughing.

“Vahi jo app ne kiya, iski gand phad dunga” she said, I felt like a cheap slut being abused like anything, from brothers it was okay but even for the low class drivers, everyone laughed and Ajith said “Aajo lee jao apni rand ko or maje karo” I looked at Ajith and he was smiling and asked me to enjoy.

The driver came to me and caught my hand and pulled me toward himself I was reluctant but he was strong as I resisted to much he came to he and caught my hairs and slapped me hard, he dragged me In the car and closed the doors and I looked at Ambali but she was already being humped like a animals. He got in car too and took us little further and parked the car on the foot path under a tree. Car was really hot from inside as it was summer time he was sitting next to me in the front seat he looked at me like he was gonna eat me, “Take off your clothes” he said. I just sat there and did nothing, Slappp slapaaa he gave two tight slaps “ We don’t have full day slut hurry up” I started sobbing but he didn’t listing so he tore off my top and I was nude in front of him within a minute she took my boobs in his mouth and started sucking them hard and chewing my nipples, I moaned slow plzzz its hurting ….but he was all deaf, after minutes chewing and sucking he got straight in the driver seat and pulled it back and took his dick out, it was a big hairy sweaty dick he held my hairs and pulled me towards his dick and hit it on my face and them shoved it in my throat he was continuously press form the back of my head and forcing deeper and deeper, it was very hot in the car and no window was open my face was red as hell and he was also sweating like hell but enjoying too he kept fucking my mouth and gagging me and after few minutes off throat fucking he asked me to move to the middle seat facing the back of the car he came a my back and rubbed his dick on my pussy and shoved the whole thing it in one thrust.

I jumped off ahhhhhh. he started ramming my pussy like anything and I was moaning ahhhh plzzz nooo slow slow……. its hurting but as usual my moaning or screaming never works now we both were completely drenched in sweat and it was getting very hot. I asked him to open the window plzzz he opened the window of the footpath side and asked me to turn around and take out my head from the window, I told him not to do so someone might see but he didn’t listen and pushed my head out of the window and eventually my upper body was out of the window as he humped me from the back my boobs were bouncing and hitting the window mirror, water was continuously flowing from my pussy

I finally cummed on his dick my legs were shivering like hell I moaned as water flowed out of my pussy ahhhhh. I was feeling good and he finally pulled me in and cummed in my mouth and forced me to swallow it, he ordered me to clean his dick and I did then we both got dressed and I washed my face he fucked me for around half an hour as I came out I saw the other driver standing there waiting for me he told the other drive to go in the other car and he dragged me back to the car and fucked me the same way for another half an hour.

Finally everyone was back and our journey started and blowjob session was on all the time I even gave a blowjob to the driver while he was driving and at night we finally reached the hotel where we were supposed to stay. I’ll tell in the next part what happened later.

Will continue…

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