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My Girly Nights

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My Girly Nights

I am 25 year old young boy,but my name is RAVISHA during all nights after cross dressing as a young girl. The cross dressing habit start when I was at the age of 14 and it still continue.After cross dressing with female dresses,including panty, bra and with imported SILICON BREAST FOAM, I look like charming young lady and nobody can identify me as a male with or without make up. I always do some make up and put a wig and earrings,necklace and some bangles for more girly look and attraction. Actually he understand ,the girl in front of him was myself,suddenly he entered in to the kitchen and locked the door,then he come near to me and asked me, what is my name and who is me. Then I say I am RAVISHA. Then he said he like me very much and want to sex with me and on a while he kissed me firmly in my lips. I am waiting for the same and thus I fully cooperate with him. Then he bring me to bedroom and now we are in the bed. He pressed my breasts and asked me to rub his kunna having about seven inch in size.My kunna is very small and have nearly two inches. Then he slowly remove my saree, un hook my blouse,remove my underskirt and now I am in only bra and panties.
I just remove his T Shirt and remove the zib of his pants and lowered his jetty. Then his Kunna jumped out and really Ishocked. I started sucking the kunna and he pressed my breasts. At last he removed my bra and panties. He Saw my kunna as well as VAGINA and he also shocked . Then he put in to the bed and started to fuck with his hard kunna in to my pussy. I enjoyed like a girl and after some time I got the orgasam feeling like a female . he also got the satisfcation and he remove his kunna from my pussy and put in to my mouth.after some time he has discharged and i receive the full discharge in my mouth. After some time we again having sex during the full night. He fuck in my ass and pussy again and again and at last he sucked my little kunna and from my kunna the discharge was happen and the same he taken in his mouth. The next day evening he came with a friend who want to marry me and on that day i have sex with him for the full night. He is a handsome engineer working in Thailand and with in two months time he marry me and bring me to Thailand and I undergone for a Surgery to remove my small pennis and for breast augmentation. Now I am a perfect lady and i live in Thailand as his wife.

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