Lesbian Sex with My Maid

Lesbian Sex with My Maid

Hello all I am Swetha from Kerala. This happened when I was 14. This is a true incident. Only 4 times in my life this happened. I will tell you everything frankly through this story. It happened on 12-10-2011. I was a 14 year old girl from an upper middle class family. My parents are both looking after business. They are so busy that they don’t get time to look after me for which they hired a maid.

Our maid is a typical Kerala woman named Ramya who wears saree and nighty (i have seen her only in that). She is brown complexioned in colour and has a good figure of 26-26-36. She is a lot friendly person who gets attached to all easily. Her age is about 32-36 (I don’t know exactly). At that time i was at my 8th grade. And had white skin tone and an average body.

This happened one evening, i never had bad intention on her not does she had. My parents as usual left to office at 8:00 am, and i went to school. Our maid usually comes at 9:00 am so i usually don’t see her in mornings. After a long hectic school day i came back to home from school. As usual my maid Ramya asked my tiffin, socks and uniform for washing. I gave it to her and had a good bath and came back to have my evening refreshment. She gave me biscuit and tea. I was happily watching TV while eating snacks.

Time passed quickly it was about 9:30 pm. I wondered where my parents was and continued watching TV. All of sudden Ramya told me to have my dinner. I asked her why today dinner was arranged before my parents came. Then she told me that my parents had called her through phone and said they are on business trip to Mumbai and would come only a week after and requested her to stay with me. I was really disappointed with my parents and didn’t want to eat. Even though i was not willing to eat Ramya was compelling me, I told her I wasn’t hungry and don’t want to eat. So she let me go.

I was watching TV while she was eating. She was a good person we had good chat together while watching TV and I loved her company. After her dinner she told me to go and sleep. I told her that I want to watch TV. And will sleep later. But she denied my request and said you should go to bed tomorrow is holiday don’t u want to play with your friends. As there was no way I went to bed frustrated. Then she went to her room. Usually I don’t sleep alone I sleep with my mom, I got scared to be alone and went to her room and said the matter. She told me to sleep in her room.

Since there was only one bed we both slept in a same bed. It was about 11:30 when I felt very hungry. I was wondering whether to call her not. Then I decided she is like a mom to me. So she won’t scold. I called her. Slowly she opened her eyes from sleep.

Conversation below (for my convenience)

Ramya : What is it Swetha? Why did u call me?

Me : Did I disturb you?

Ramya : It’s ok tell me

Me : I really feel hungry please can you get me something to eat?

Ramya : Everything is over dear, i told you to eat nah?

Me : Yes. But i feel hungry now.

Ramya : I understand dear but everything is over, there is nothing in the fridge too.

Me : Well… Ok then

Ramya : Ok. We will speak till you get sleep, if we speak u will not feel your hunger more.

We spoke lot of things many issues personal life. Blah blah blah … She told me about her son who is naughty and about her husband who is getting enough income to run her family.

Me : Then why are you working as maid?

Ramya : I love to engage in some work.

Me: Oh… Great.

Ramya : Thanx

Me : I really feel hungry.

Ramya : There is nothing here.

Me : At least is there any milk?

Ramya : No dear.

Me : Oh god….

Suddenly she said…

Ramya : You are like my daughter. I don’t mind feeding you my milk.

Me : I feel very shy.

Ramya : Don’t be shy. It is also a milk.

Me : Ok… Will u give me full?

Ramya : Yes. You can have it dear…

She unzipped her nighty, and pushed my head near her dress, now I can clearly see a new Ramya in her.

Ramya : I won’t take it out. Since you are hungry, you do whatever you want from me

I didn’t get her, I thought she was joking

Me : Open your zip little more.

Ramya : I told you, I won’t do anything.

Me : Ok

I removed her zip, now her breast was visible, I loosened her bra, and took the bra out still both of her breast was inside her nighty. I slowly put my head inside her nighty through that little gap from zip. And my mouth searched for the source, she pushed my head near her nipple and said “don’t waste anything you must empty it”. I slowly opened my mouth to get her nipples between my lips.

‘By now my face was buried inside her nighty’. I finally got hold of her cherry in my mouth. I started to drink her breast milk like a small baby. Even my mother didn’t feed me like this. As i was suckling i was enjoying her milk as well as i was getting aroused. She was moaning lightly and was massaging my head with her hand as I continued to drink.

Soon I finished her first tank and started gulping second one. By now I was very horny and got aroused. I was about to finish her second tank. By now my hand was on her leg, but she didn’t respond anything. So i got my green signal I thought and kept her hand near her bump and passages on top of her cloth. Suddenly she pushed me and said what are u doing? I was speechless

Me : I was just drinking milk

Ramya : Why did u touch my back

Me : Sorry, I thought you liked it. I heard you moan so…

Ramya : Yes. U was tickling my boobs with your tongue. So I moaned. So what?

I started crying….

Me : Sorry

Ramya : Don’t cry dear. Don’t tell your parents about this or they will throw me out.

Me : I won’t say you, I like you more than anyone.

Ramya : Sorry dear. Come little more milk is there

I buried my head and started drinking milk

Ramya : You are a naughty girl.

She fell asleep before I finished her tank, I again woke her.

Me : I am still hungry, please give me anything.

Ramya : Nothing is there my milk also got over what u want now?

She was pissed off by me.

Me : Please give me something.

Ramya : I now have only urine left. Do you want that?

She was really angry, but I was aroused and I said her I want that.

Ramya : Ok. Do whatever you want with my body. Please let me sleep. Now go and find the source of what now you requested.

Followed by her command I went down like a hungry wolf, I lifted her bed sheet and went inside, I spread her legs apart for which she responded positively by spreading her legs. She then pushed my head towards her vagina. I was feeling very lucky. I kissed her thighs and slowly kissed her stomach. She pulled me out and asked me “do you like me that much?” I replied yes. She kissed me and said “now on you are my servant, you should lick me every day, now go and have your treat”. I rushed down and went inside her nighty and directly kept my mouth in her pussy, and I vigorously licked it like I am starved. She was moaning loudly and pushing my head deeper into her vagina. Her moan was louder… Aah… Wow… Oooo… Yes… Like that… Yea baby…

I licked her pussy for 2 hour like a dog licking a bone, she cummed inside my mouth 3 times. She ordered me to drink all juices fully. Even then I was inside her nighty between her legs licking her pussy. She then pulled me out and said “oh dear that was so great, don’t u want food? You feel hungry right? “ I replied yes, then she got up from bed and removed her nighty, she then told me to kneel down in front of her I did as she said, she was standing naked in front of me, then she came closer to me and pushed my head near her pussy. I fixed my mouth tightly on her pussy, she then too pushed my head and adjusted my mouth correctly and tightly, and she told me ” don’t even dare waste a drop, gulp it all” and then she pissed inside my mouth, I loved that hot water, without even wasting a drop I drank it all. After it is over we both hugged and slept.

Next morning I saw her she was washing clothes, I ran to her and went underneath her nighty and removed her panty and started suckling from pussy like a good girl, she was doing her work I was doing my work, she rewarded me four times with her cum. After that I went for bath and came back then she happily served me morning refreshment directly from her source.

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