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Lesbian Sex with My Maid

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Lesbian Sex with My Maid

Hello all I am Swetha from Kerala. This happened when I was 14. This is a true incident. Only 4 times in my life this happened. I will tell you everything frankly through this story. It happened on 12-10-2011. I was a 14 year old girl from an upper middle class family. My parents are both looking after business. They are so busy that they don’t get time to look after me for which they hired a maid.

Our maid is a typical Kerala woman named Ramya who wears saree and nighty (i have seen her only in that). She is brown complexioned in colour and has a good figure of 26-26-36. She is a lot friendly person who gets attached to all easily. Her age is about 32-36 (I don’t know exactly). At that time i was at my 8th grade. And had white skin tone and an average body.

This happened one evening, i never had bad intention on her not does she had. My parents as usual left to office at 8:00 am, and i went to school. Our maid usually comes at 9:00 am so i usually don’t see her in mornings. After a long hectic school day i came back to home from school. As usual my maid Ramya asked my tiffin, socks and uniform for washing. I gave it to her and had a good bath and came back to have my evening refreshment. She gave me biscuit and tea. I was happily watching TV while eating snacks.

Anubhava Kadhakal, English Kambi Kathakal

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