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Jayanti Aunty

Hi friends. I am Arun. I’m 24 years old and I’m here to share with you my sex experience with my neighbor Jayanti aunty. She is 38 years old. She is a school maths teacher for primary classes. She is short, very fair, quite beautiful with a big hanging ass. Actually I shifted my house 7 months ago and the very next day after I moved to this new house I saw her. Right from the first time I saw her I wanted her nude on bed. She goes past my house both while going to school in the morning and also while returning. She always wears saree while going to school. I used to see her secretly through the window every time she passes my house.

Every time I used to hold my dick and squeeze and shake it over my pant as I watch her go past my house especially in the afternoon as she returns from school. She returns home around 4pm in the afternoon and I made it my regular program to stand near the window waiting for her and masturbate looking at her through the window. I really enjoyed watching her lemony waist her broad arms and her dancing buttocks as she walks down the road.

She does not have children but she never showed any botheration on her face for it. However, one day, she came home to see my mom. She is a very good friend of my mom. As she entered, my hand without my knowledge went towards my dick but suddenly I woke up and immediately dipped my hands into my pockets. I invited her in, wished her and called my mom saying “Jayanti aunty is here”, got leave from her and went to my room upstairs. That day as she was chatting with my mom, for the first time, I heard her speaking seriously about not having a child.

She was hitting straight at her husband saying “He is the sole reason for this but he neither accepts nor is ready for a checkup.” She also said “Somehow I have convinced him for a test tube baby.” I felt sad but also got a naughty idea of giving her a proposal. After sometime she left my house and I kept thinking as to how to open my desire to have sex with her and coincidentally give her the joy of having a baby.

I go to her apartment every day by 4:30 pm to play cricket with my friends there. About 3 days after she visited my house, one day, if I remember right it was a Tuesday, I asked my friends to start the game and told them that I will come in 10 minutes. I went to Jayanti aunty’s house. She also takes home tuition between 5pm and 7pm. So I thought I could somehow open up that day and convince her to sleep with me before the children come to her place for tuition.

I knocked the door. As she opened the door, she gave a bright smile and invited me in. She offered me coffee and I accepted. She said “I just came home few minutes back and the kids will be here again for tuition in another half an hour. After a lot of hesitation, I slowly said “Aunty, I have a proposal for you. If you are okay with it we can do it.” She asked “Do what? What is your proposal?” I told her “I heard you telling my mom that you are going for a test tube baby.” Just hearing this the smile on her face faded. But I continued “Can I be of any help, if you don’t mind.” She became furious and slapped me in a flash and screamed at me “Are you looking at me with such dirty intentions? I’m 14 years elder to you and you are seeing me like this. Leave now or else i will complain to your mom.”

I got up and said “I’ll leave but still it’s better for both you and your husband as he would not know about us and he would take our kid as his own kid and you also will not have a difference between having a kid with me or a test tube baby.” I then added the final touch saying “I’m sorry if I have hurt you” and left the place quietly. I played for some time with my friends and went back home.

Next afternoon around 12:30pm, she called me. I was delighted seeing her call. I took my mobile, rushed into my room and closed the door. As I picked the call, she said “Arun, I’m sorry for yesterday. I’m still not totally convinced about sleeping with you but yes, anyhow I’m going to be injected with a third person’s sperm to fertilize me. So what about today at 4pm?” Hearing that I was literally on cloud nine. I could not reply as words got stuck in my throat and I with some pleasant difficulty said “Yeah sure sure but what about your tuition class at 5pm? Do you think we can do it in one hour and get back to normal?” She thought for a few seconds and said “I’ll ask them to come by 6pm today. 2 hours should be good enough for us.” I agreed and cancelled the call.

I was watching the clock every second not able to withstand the anxiety that I’m going to fuck Jayanti aunty with whom I never thought I could sleep with and confined myself with just masturbating. I called my friends and told them that I will not be coming to play that day as I had some important work. I was standing near the window waiting for her for close to 3 hours right from the time she called me.

Finally, she turned into our street about 5 minutes before 4 pm. She was wearing a light caramel colour saree and same colour blouse that day. She was seeing something in her mobile. She was in fact messaging me saying “I will close the door and not lock it inside. Press the lever, open the door and get in, in another 5 minutes. I’ll get freshened up by that time.” But her sweaty back and her bouncing buttocks made me really curious and impatient that I came out of my house and started walking right behind her. As she started climbing the stairs, I also followed her and made sure that there is no one in the staircase watching us. There was no one else in the stairs and so I continued to go behind her and as she closed the door, in a few seconds, I opened it, went inside and locked the door from inside.

She had just advanced a few steps inside as I went inside her house. She turned and asked ‘I told you to come after 5 minutes right? I need to freshen up.” But I never listened to her as I rushed towards her hugged her tightly, lifted her in my arms and asked “Where is the bedroom?” She raised her arms over her head with a starring smile at me and showed a closed room right behind her. As she lifted her arms I noticed her armpits really wet with a big round wet patch on it. I told myself not to forget to lick her armpit after having sex with her.

I took her to the door and she opened it. I took her in, dropped her on the bed, removed my t-shirt, pulled down my pant and jumped on the bed. I wrapped her legs with mine and kissed her randomly on her cheeks, licked it and engulfed her lips into y mouth. I then slowly went down, pulling her saree from her shoulders, threw it below her waist. I kissed her boobs over blouse and boy it was really big and looked like a water balloon. I then went down further kissing her belly, licking the sweat on her waist and dipped my tongue into her navel. Her navel was hollow and very deep. She moaned a bit mmmm hhhaaa as I licked her navel deep inside.

I then ripped her saree from her waist and untied the knot of her inner gown. I then lifted her up, made her sit on the bed, went behind her and pressed and squeezed her boobs really hard and slowly unhooked her blouse, removed it from behind and threw it on the floor. She was wearing a hot back bra extremely contrasting to her lemony boobs. Her boobs literally looked like 2 mangoes. Her bra was seriously tight and it could cover only her mammae, exposing her breasts on top, bottom left and right. I pulled her bra strap down unhooked it, removed it and threw it besides her blouse. She then lifted her arms and held my head as I rubbed my palms over her armpits. Her armpits were very rough. They were shaved but had a lot of hair sproutings on it.

I then pushed her on the bed, loosened her gown and removed it. She was wearing a black, yet quite transparent panty. Both of us were in our underwear’s. I spread her legs and witnessed a cusion like buttocks. I stepped between her thighs and rubbed my dick with my underwear on her panty. She said “C’mon it’s already close to 4:30pm. Let’s do it.” Hearing that I got really geared up. I raised her legs up, pulled her panty up, removed it and threw it as it hung on the bed handle. I then stood on the bed and having a clear look at her hairy pussy, slowly pulled my underwear down exposing my hard and hungry dick to her.

Looking at my dick she immediately gasped ohhh your dick is so thick. It’s almost the same length as my husband’s dick but it’s much thicker than his. I said it’s close to 2 inches thick and 6 inches long. She smiled at me viciously. I held my dick looking at her nude from top to bottom. She had some flesh around her waist and her arms were really broad and chubby. I the slowly went down, sat on the bed between her legs, rubbed her pussy with my fingers and dipped my middle finger inside. Boy it was so wet and sticky inside. I dipped my finger deep inside and rolled it inside her pussy. It created a hichkich sound inside and she held her breasts tight and moaned aaah aaah ssss mmmm.

I then got really tempted to put my dick inside her and immediately removed my finger from her pussy. It got really really drenched inside her cunt. I then held my dick with my wet fingers, placed it on her pussy lips and chucked it in. She gasped aaaah and said slowly Arun, it could hurt. I was so hungry to crush her pussy but as if I obey her I started fucking her by slowly moving my dick up and down inside her pussy. She closed her eyes, grabbed the bed tightly with both hands and kept moaning mmm haaaa ssss hhhaaa mmmm. Her pussy was so wet and sticky that it made a lot of hitchkich sound as I moved my dick up and down inside her pussy. I grabbed her boobs and gradually increased the speed and pumped my dick fully into her cunt, hitting my waist against her waist.

It was seriously electric inside her as my dick rubbed against the inner walls of her pussy. I also started snoring mmmmhh mmhhh hhmmm as I got really rough fucking her so hard and wild. She started to shout a bit louder aaaahh hhhaaaaa ssssssss hhhhho aaaaaaaahhh mmmmmm. I wanted to have even more intimate sex with her as Ivery deeply desired for the last 7 months. So I dipped my dick fully into her pussy locking my waist against her waist and slowly lowered my body and lied over her taking my hands off her spongy boobs, slowly swiping it over her rough underarms, pushing my arms underneath her and hugged her tightly.

She also hugged me tight with her broad and fleshy arms rubbing my back sensually. We had some really tight and intimate sex as literally stuck over her body with my dick fully immersed inside her hot wet and sticky pussy. Both of us were loving it as she moaned and whispered ohhh Arun this is great aaahhh. I sensed that she is enjoying her intercourse more than having one for baby. I got really charged up and started to move my dick once again up and down and rolled it inside her cunt rubbing her flesh inside.by sleeping over her and hugging her tightly. It was really really electric. I lifted my head up and saw her closing her eyes and enjoying her sex with me with a mild smile. I also saw her lips which was so wet and I slowly put my head down and sucked her lower lips into my mouth. Boy it was so soft and juicy. She tried to remove her lips from my mouth but I sucked it deeper inside gulping her lower lips into my mouth.

We were sweating very heavily but I never bothered. I continued to fuck her very tight and hard and suddenly my dick started vibrating inside her. I felt my semen gushing out. I could not control my excitement and the feeling of ejaculating inside a woman was seriously unbelievable as I pressed her tighter to my chest and rolled over the bed once with her getting over me. She slept over me as my semen splashed in several spells inside her pussy with my dick fully immersed inside her wet and sticky pussy. It was a thrilling experience as I cummed sleeping under Jayanti aunty loading her pussy with my semen.

She was a bit heavy but I thoroughly enjoyed her sleeping over me as I hugged her sweaty slippery yet soft body tightly and locked her legs with mine and splashed my white cream inside her biting her fleshy shoulders. I also felt that, those few seconds were the best moments of my life. After the ejaculation, we once again slowly rolled over and my dick became a bit soft and small and was almost out of her pussy. As I got on top, both of us were breathing very heavily.

She smiled at me, rubbed my forehead and whispered “How do you feel now?” I could not explain her how delighted I was as this was my first sexual intercourse. In some excitement I told her “Your body is so spicy aunty. I enjoyed it thoroughly.” She gave a broader smile and asked “Did you just want to help me or you were looking at me for this kind of a day.” As she asked softly and in good mood “I told her with a little hesitation “Actually aunty, I was looking at you for the last 7 months right from the time we moved to this new house. I used to see you going to school and getting back home as you go past my house through the window and masturbate thinking of sleeping with you. To be straight, I was waiting for this day for the last 7 months.”

She smiled at me surprisingly with eyebrows raised and asked “Ohh is that so? So what did you like in me?” I felt shy answering her. She said “Whats there to feel shy. Both of us have seen each other from top to bottom and we have mixed with each other. You can now be very open with me. I am a 38 year old woman, 14 years elder than you and still you were desperate to sleep with me. I want to know what made you feel that way.” Words literally stuck in my throat but with a lot of hesitation I told her straight “Aunty, actually I have a fantasy to fuck middle aged woman. Adding to that you look cute and your milky white skin and broad fleshy arms drove me crazy. Also as you walk the way your buttocks shakes like bouncing ball seriously tempted me to have you nude on bed.” She was even more shocked hearing this and with a smile said “I never ever thought you were looking at me with such intentions! Anyways.. Is your desire fulfilled? Satisfied?”

Actually I wanted to have another intercourse with her. So, I without even replying her moved over her and tried to fuck her. But she immediately held my waist, turned at the clock and said “Its already 5:20pm. Not now.” I immediately replied “10 minutes” and without waiting for her response turned her face and kissed her. I felt my dick growing big once again. I put my hands behind her shoulders pressing my thumb on her rough armpits. She also spread her legs letting me in. I lowered my buttocks and and placed my dick on her pussy lips and chucked it in and straight away fucked her hard by moving my dick back and forth inside her pussy kissing and licking her cheeks. She initially moaned Mmmm mmmmmm sssssssss hhhmmmm and in a few seconds started screaming aaaahh hhaaaa hhaaaaa hhhhhooo grabbing my back head tightly as I thumped my dick hard and rough inside her wet and sticky pussy hitting my waist against her waist.

In some time, I felt tired and stopped fucking her rested with my dick inside her pussy. She slowly whispered “I feel your 10 minutes is over. Let’s stop now.” But I wanted to cum inside her and so again without responding to her I grabbed her wrists, raised her arms over her head, raised my upper body and started to crush her pussy by jamming my dick hard inside her cunt. As I kept rubbing my dick on the inner walls of her pussy, it created a serious tickling sensation. In a few seconds, my dick erupted and I felt, for the second time, my semen pouring out of my dick into her pussy. It was really electric and I could not resist the immense pleasure of ejaculation as I tightly grabbed her balloon like boobs after taking my hand off her wrists and rubbing all over her arms and armpits and I this time I screamed hhhhhaaaaa hhhaaaa hhhhho aaaaaahhh as my semen literally poured into her pussy.

I slowly slept over her breathing heavily and my dick once again became soft and got smaller and almost came out of her pussy. She slowly rolled me on the bed besides her. She was also breathing very heavily and as I turned and saw her, I noticed some red line marks on her lemony boobs. I realized that they were my finger marks as I squeezed her boobs very hard enjoying my ejaculation. I then slowly went close to her and gently holding her right boobs, sucked her left nipples. Her nipples were pointed and sharp and was really tempting. She was taking her breath back but did not prevent me from sucking her nipples. I licked her nipples and sucked the upper part of her boobs into my mouth. I also squeezed her right boobs gently and sucked it into my mouth, licking her and sucking her pointed nipples and she allowed me to do it by just running her fingers through my hair.

In some time, I felt immensely satisfied with my experience on bed with Jayanti aunty and I once again slept besides her. She had got her breath back by that time and she slowly turned towards me and said “I really enjoyed having your dick inside me especially the second time because my intentions in having sex with you were different when we did it for the first time.” I smiled, got close to her and with my hands on her belly said “But I enjoyed our intercourse thoroughly both the times aunty. Your body is seriously awesome.” She was seeing me with a starring smile on her face and I reminded her saying “Don’t forget to have sex with your husband tonight. Else we will get caught.” She thought for a while and said “Its difficult to convince my husband on weekdays. May be I will do it this Friday or Saturday.” I smiled and said “Ok aunty. You know him better.” Both of us giggled at that comment and relaxed a bit sleeping on the bed silently. Suddenly the calling bell rang.

We saw the time. It was 5 minutes to 6pm. She got up hurriedly, opened the cupboard, took a nightie and wore it even without wearing her bra and panty. She told me “I don’t think its my husband. I will anyway close this door. Dress up, put my saree, blouse, bra and panty inside the dirty bin kept inside the bathroom. Also just arrange the bed a bit neatly and in the mean time I will check who it is. If it’s my student, just walk out of the room casually and go back home. Or by chance, if it’s my husband I will manage to send him to the other bathroom and before he comes out you just leave.” She then closed the door and went out to see who it was at the main door.

As I was dressing myself up, I heard her speaking to a kid. I was relieved. I just threw her clothes inside the bin, arranged the bed and slowly walked out. Jayanti aunty was sitting with three of her students all belonging to the primary section. I casually said “Bye aunty” and left her house with her giving me the common women’s reaction, the starring smile. As I climbed down the stairs, I saw my friends playing and silently went and sat beside one of my friends. Within a few minutes I noticed Jayanti aunty’s husband entering the apartment. As he went past me I wished him as usual “Hello uncle”. He also smiled and wished me “Hello” and went inside.

Well friends, this is my real life unforgettable sex experience with Jayanti aunty. Hope you enjoyed my story. Your comments are most welcome.

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