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My Girlfriend and her Mom

This is Vishnu from Cochin, Age 28, good looking, and 6 feet tall, handsome guy with big Lund. I too had lots of great experience and wanted to share with you all. This is my first story and this is about my girlfriend and her mom. Both of them are extremely sexy and I was fortunate enough to fuck both of them. This is a true story.

I met my girlfriend in a party 2 years back and then we became good friends. I started dating her. She is a sex bomb. 20 years good looking with 34-29-34 figure. We used to meet frequently.  I called her at my place on a weekend for a party. I cooked for her. Then we started to have drink together. She was in sleeve less top and skirt. She was looking damn sexy. After couple of drinks I came close to her and expressed my love to her. We hugged each other and smooched for long time.

I slowly took off her top and started kissing on her neck and caressing her back and arms. She started moaning and started holding me tight. I took off her skirt and then panty and started licking her pussy. She was moaning loud and then took my cock out of and started licking and sucking it for 10 min. then we got into 69. She was sucking my big monster and I was licking her juicy pussy. She was not able to control and asked me to fuck her hard.

I took her legs apart and started rubbing my big lund on her juicy pussy. She was moving her waist up down. She was still a virgin and was dying to get the big lund in her chut. I placed it on her opening and pushed hard. She cried with pain and I had to stop for a min and suck her nipples and then slowly I started pushing inside and soon my big lund was all inside her. I started pumping her hard. Now her cries reduced and she started enjoying. I fucked her hard. 4 times in the whole of night. She gave me great blow jobs. After that night we used to meet frequently and I used to fuck her.

She invited me once to her home on her Birthday. I met her Mom who is a widow. Age-45, looking very young like 35 and have great assets. Her figure is 36-30-38. She is damn sexy & cute. She met me with a smile and told me that her daughter praises me a lot and even she wanted to meet me. I thanked her and we celebrated the Birthday of my girlfriend.

After that I used to go to her home once in a week or so. And I used to meet my girlfriend at my place and fuck her hard. One day I got a call from her mom that she needs some help from me. I told her. Aunty please tell me I would be there to help you. But she told me that she will take my help only if I promise to her that I would not share this with anyone. Not even to her daughter. I told Ok and told her that she could trust me and I will not share it with anyone. Then she asked me to reach her home by 12:30 noon. And that time my girlfriend was out and she returns home by 6-6:30 PM usually.

I reached at her place by 12:30 PM sharp. She opened the door. She had just taken bath and was in her sleeve less gown. And I noticed that she was not wearing bra. She welcomed me with a great smile and gave me water and then we had tea. She talked to me in general and then I asked her what help is she looking from me. Then she again asked me to promise that I would not tell to anyone. I told yes aunty. This is between u and me only. U can trust me as much as u trust yourself. I will not tell this to anyone. She was convinced then and then she told me about the help.

She told me that she has been having body pain for the last few days and she need my help to massage her. She does not want to call anyone from outside. She knows me and trust me and wants my help to relax and massage her full body. I never expected this but I was very happy to hear that as she was damn sexy and I was sure I will have great time massaging her. I smiled and said yes. I will be privilege to help you aunty.

Then she told me that don’t call her aunty. Rather call her by her name Mohini. I told her Thanks Mohini. I am here to help you. She told me that you are my sweetheart and I love you for helping me out. And she came close to me and hugged me hard. I hugged her hard and started caressing her body. I kissed her on her cheeks and then on her lips. We started smooching and we continued for 15 min. I started pressing her boobs and caressing her back and stomach and kissing on her neck caressing her thighs. She started moaning. I took her in my hand and took her to bed room. She had already put some oil there.

I took off her clothes and she took mine and I sucked her boobs. And she hold my cock and started giving me blow job. After some time I asked her to lie down on bed and started massage. Rather sex massage. I caressed whole of her body, from head to toe. She was moaning loud while I was caressing her back and then boobs. She was out of control and then started saying to fuck her hard with my big monster. I fucked her hard in several position and we had great sex several times since 6:00 PM in the evening. She gave me great blow jobs various times. She was great in doing that.

After that it became my routine to fuck Mohini 3-4 times in a week during day time and then her daughter in the evenings at my place. On the same day my Lund used to be in Mohini’s pussy and mouth and her daughters mouth and pussy. It had been great fun and experience. Mohini wants me to fuck her and her daughter together. But she is scared of her daughter and we have not yet done that.

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