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I am Madhu and I am in deep love with my wife,  we have a very good sex life, even after 20 years of marriage, we get into sex almost 2 to 3 time a week,  of late while having sex I often think of my wife having sex with another male in my presence,  I fantasize that I am watching the whole show without my wife noticing it,  I prefer a fantasy in which she is accidentally taken by some stranger. My wife is 46 years and I am 49 we have a son who is in his 12th standard and we have put him in a hostel in Hyderabad so that he learns to be independent.

During our sex I tell her my creative stories of how she is enjoying with the stranger and describe it in detail,  how her boobs are being pressed how he is penetrating her deep inside,  kissing her cunt and how she is fondling with his dick,  I also narrate to her the sexy talk between both of them.  This causes enormous erection in me and she become wet and sticky down there and grips my dick and starts giving strokes from under.   However,  there is an intial resistance from her as I start the fantasy and she slowly picks up the heat and reaches an thundering orgasm.  After the act both of us are fully exhausted and that ecstasy reaches the peak when we climax together.

On that Saturday evening I reached home from office little early than normal and we decided to go to linking road which is a 15 min drive from the place where we stay in bandra.  She wanted to buy some nighties,  I wanted her to buy the once which have front opening so that it is easy for us to open them on the bed.  The ones which are round need a little more time to open as they have to be pulled up and removed through hands.   I prefer her to be completely nude during sex as her body, particularly her boobs and waist excites me to the hilt even after 20 years of our marriage.   She is a bit conservative housewife and during the initial days of our marriage she was very reluctant to show me her assets,  it has taken a lot of years to change her mindset,  even today she requires a lot of coaxing to remove her nighty ,  saree or any other dress she is wearing before we get on the most preferred missionary position ,  ofcourse we have enjoyed other positions too,  but this position has been the most liked position,  after we climax she asks me not to pull out and put all my weights on her.

As we entered linking road,  there was a issue on parking my car so I dropped my wife rani at one of the road side shop and moved ahead and asked her to go to two three shops there and be at one of them so that I can park and come back and join her.   All the shops on the linking road are on the pavements and the shop owners are young boys between the ages of 20 to 30 and are good sales men who would quote a rate and negotiate at half or one third of the original rate quoted, so the customers have to be really good negotiators to know where to say yes and no before the deal is stuck.

I had to park in one of the by lanes and come back to where I dropped rani,  with a pressure on my mind over the state of the car as I return back.   I could easily locate rani who is standing out of the crowd in one of pavement shops,  as rani has a real magnetic and sexy body and the pink chiffon saree she is wearing,   her hair style is a real cut out as she pins the entire hair behind her head and looks as if she is a heroine brought out from 70’s hindi films.

She is negotiating the blouses at the shop with a salesman who is around 18 to 20 years,  I was a bit surprised as we set out for nighties and she is now picking up a bra,  during the negotiation the boy said the size which she wants he does not have and though for a moment and removed the bra of the mannequin (show piece of a woman kept in cloth shops as a show) and told rani that this is the only piece he has.  This sudden action of the boy and removing the bra on the mannequin and leaving the figure without a bra and the jetting out of the massive boobs of the mannequin has caused a shock to be and embarrassment to my wife,  she was blushing and looking at me and with a naughty smile on her face with shyness she started speaking to the boy and I was further surprised when my wife is addressing the boy by his name as raja.   Raja has also shown her some panties even without she asking for them and saying they are the new stocks which have come and there is a one plus one offer.   Rani said to me “ let me take them as there is a offer and she also requires them,  I was thinking what should be my reaction if the boy again removes the panty of the mannequin and exposes the curves and what will be the reaction of rani.

Rani said she would not take the risk of taking the panties and bra unless she tries them on and there is no trail room as these are the pavement shops,  I reacted mildly saying why did you ask him to show all these when you are sure there would not be a trail room on these road side shops,  my reaction was the culmination of the embarrassment I had and the naughty blushing of my wife rani.

Before I could further say anything,  the boy said they have a trail room behind the shop,  it was a surprise to me and I said where,  he said it is their own room where they sleep in the night after closing the shop.  This was yet another embarrassment for me as I do not know who will be watching her undressing in the room.  I said to my wife let us take them and go,  if they are not fitting,  I will come and return the pieces,  the boy said uncle don’t worry,  I will go with madam and I should not worry,  my wife rani said she will try it and come back in 5 minutes,   I waited there for 5 minutes for them to return and my anxiety pulled my legs towards the back side of the shop and as I went there I found a two rooms with green doors and there is no sign of the boy outside,  with a question mark on my face,  I opened the door on one of the room and entered to find no one,  I thought it should be the kitchen for the guys to cook food,  I heard the voice of my wife from the other adjacent room along with that of the boys,  it was shocking to me,  as to how she is trying the bra and panty keeping the boy that too an18 years boy in front of her.  There was an immense curiosity as to what they are doing inside the room,  silently is looked out for a way to see and I found a window between both the rooms,  I locked the kitchen from inside and moved near the window which is an old one and is half closed,  I slowly opened it a little to peep in,  there inside the room my wife is looking at herself in the mirror and adjusting the bottom of the blouse to fit it to her boobs,  the boy was standing behind her and advising “madam app thoda niche blouse ko kinch lijiya tho shape accha hoga” (pull it little down so that the shape adjusts nicely)  the next two sentences said by my wife really caused a dick to drill inside my pants,  she asked him,  “ kya achcha lagega, ( what will look good)  thum ko to sub aurathon  ka sizes malum hi,  isiliya wo putli ka bra nikalke mujhe pahanadiya,  ( you know the sizes of every female who comes to your shop, that is the reason you remove the bra of the mannequin and wore it on me),  the boy responded, madam,  I moment I saw you I understood your size would not be less than 38,  and I had only one piece on the mannequin.   Ok my wife said ,  then how did you know the size of my panty,  that is very simple madam,  when I saw your buttocks I could easily understand it is 44,   raja,  is it not wrong to imagine the sizes of women that too when they come with their husband,  oh,  he is waiting there in your shop,  I will send him a message to go to the male garment shop nearby and buy some underwears and banians.

She took out her mobile and gave me an sms asking me to go and buy some underwears,  a cosy thought entered my mind as my dick is drilling me underwear,  I sent a return sms saying, I will take some 1 hour to come back and asked her to be in the same shop,  I wanted to see what they are upto.  My curiosity along with my heart beat increased with the thrill that my wife is attracted and getting attracted to a 18 years stud,  the guy is 5 ft 9 inches tall and well built with muscular arms,  he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans,   sharp looks and is fair in colour,  my wife is dusky complexioned and demands a second look from any male.

As she saw my sms she had a sigh of relief,   and turned around from the mirror and faced the boy who was stunned by her boobs,  I am still surprised why he did not attempt to go near her to have a look at her boobs when she was facing the mirror and what has conspired between them so as to move into the room together.   He moved closer to her and extended his hand  she went back and covered her boobs with her hand as he to tried to adjust the blouse,  he said madam,  don’t worry I am not trying to touch your boobs,  she blushed,  he went near her and handed over the panties and said ,  madam,  try them I will assure you ,  aap ko achcha fit hojayega,  saying he went nearer to her and held her waist,  may wife was gasping for breadth and her breathing could be herd from the room where I was standing,   he caught her by her waist with both his hands and I was feeling terribly excited and I pulled out my dick from my pants which is rock hard and throbbing,  deep inside I wanted to join them for a threesome, but some thing prevented me from doing so,  I think I was feeling that I would be a disturbance to the highly erotic drama that was playing between my wife and the stud.

My wife lowered her head and in complete surrender put her hands on his chest and both were embrassed in a deep kiss,  during which he removed her saree and blouse ,  my wife in her glory with her firm and lovely breasts for her 46 years of age was only with a panty,  he was touching her bottom and she is closing her eyes,  as they came back from the kiss, she started unbuttoning his pants and slowly lowered his underwear,  I could hear a sound of sigh from her as she was lowering his underwear,  I could not see his front and he is facing the other side,   he lowered her panties and kneeled down and started giving her his mouth,  the room was filled with sounds of ecstacy as she stared moaning,  I started pumping my dick as I was watching my fantasy in reality,   after about 5 minutes of deep exploration of her feminity,  she was no longer ready to wait any further,  my wife moved towards the bed in the corner of the room and reclined on it with her legs closed,  the boy removed the last t-shirt on him and went  over and then I saw his dick which is 7 to 8 inches long and circumcised,  its head is conical and is of a rare specimen of a ideal manhood,  he lowered himself on my wife and in a swift motion entered in an already wet cunt opening,  as he entered there was a continuous ecstatic sound as from my wife indicating the pleasure which is getting released after more that 1 hour of seeing and knowing each other from the time she entered his shop.  I am deriving an extreme pleasure of pumping my dick like I have never done it before as I was seeing him riding like a piston on my wife as she has never felt it before,  both of them were moaning and pleasuring each other for about 15 minutes the action has gone on and as my wife’s moans have increased and increased,  he went about a shuddering climax and I could see his back muscles stiffen and his speed decreased indicating he has released him love inside her,  my wife held him by his neck and started showering kisses all over his face and after about 3 minutes he got up from her with his limp cock which is totally different from what I have seen 20 minutes back,  she has juiced him to the hilt.

I was waiting at the shop while both my wife and boy were coming to the shop,  there was a silence between all three of us and my wife was occasionally smiling at him when I was paying the money and getting the stuff packed,   that night we had one of the finest sex as I was narrating  the entire drama what I have seen during the evening in linking road, even now I don’t know whether she knows I have seen it all, even if she knows,  I don’t know,  we moved out of Mumbai and still the real life fantasy continues and we explore each other to the fullest.

Hope you all like this sex story.

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Lovely fantasy.. Wish I could join you during my stay in Mumbai.