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Sex with Booby Neighbor Aunty

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Myself Sooraj. Here I am going to express my first experience with my sexy booby neighbor aunty. Let me start by introducing myself, I am 22 year old guy having average look and perfect body basically from a village of India now working in a reputed firm in abroad. This incident was happened few years back when I was doing my graduation.

Now describing about my neighbor aunty, that time she was 36 year old, white in color, little fatty structure with perfect height, having size 36-32-38 still I don’t know how she is keeping a perfect body structure by without any workout. Her face is round with attractive red lips, booby boobs with poking nipples and bulky ass. It’s sure that many guys had an eye on her, most of the time she wear nighty with less exposing body parts. Her Hus is an executive so most of the time he would be on travel. It’s sure that their family life is not good, because he is addicted to alcohol.

Since our houses are too close most of the time she would be in my home for chatting with my mom, she is friendly in nature and talkative to people close to her. In my house she had full of freedom. I never looked her in a sexual way because I had a respect towards her and always kept a distance with her. My entire outlook towards her changed a day when one of my friend came to my home, accidentally he saw my aunt, that night we were little drunk, due to its effect we started to talk about many things, suddenly he started to inquire about that aunty, and slowly that talk went about her sexy figure, he described how she will look without dress and how nice she will be in sex that time I took it as silly, but next day onwards I started to stare her body that time only I was noticing her ,how sexy she is I cursed myself avoiding her. I started to masturbate by dreaming her.

In order to fulfill my dream I started to mingle with her soon I made a good relationship with her. I have a plan. In order to execute it I offered to teach how to use laptop, initially she hesitated but eventually started to learn it from me, that improved relation with us and we became just like good friends, we started to talk everything, I came to know her personal and sexual life is not happy, so yes there is a chance for me.

So in a lucky day, I enjoyed her. Actually everybody in my home went to city for some functions. So I was alone in my home, as usual aunty came there. I kept my laptop in my bedroom; I told her I have some exciting funny videos for u if you wish you can watch it from here. She went in and sits in front of laptop. I marked all videos and it’s started playing, I connected head set and gave it to her. This time I went too much close to her, sexy smell coming from her body made me crazy. I told her I want to take bath and went in the attached bath room, I close the door and peeped from inside, she was totally focused on computer. All videos are short. One by one it’s changing after completion, so after a completion of a funny video, one hardcore English sex video in which a guy is fucking an aunty started playing, initially aunty shocked and looked around. Since nobody is there and I am in the bathroom where sound of water falling is coming. So she continued to watch it. Yes, my plan starts working. I can see that her body is exciting and facial expression is changing.

When that video is over, I came out normally finishing bath by wearing a towel. She closed the media player, and started to look at me I was wearing only a towel, half body is naked and my cock is poking out from the towel. I can feel the sexual urge in her look but still don’t know how to approach her; I went very close to her, in order to check my fb messages. She was looking so hot both of our eyes met, slowly I planted a nice kiss onto her lips. Omg, I am enjoying her silky lips. Slowly she started to respond back, wow that kiss became passionate. We are exploring each other’s mouth, she stood up and I took her to the bed, I hugged her tight, started to kiss onto her cheeks, forehead, both side of necks. I pressed her boobs through nighty. Wow they are so much soft.

Then I slowly removed her nighty, omg. wow what a scene yaar. Her curvy sexy body was visible to me; she was wearing a red bra and panty. She was looking like a typical Indian porn actress. I coupled her both melons, that bra is not enough to carry that huge erected mangoes, I lifted bra cups up. Oh her both booby melons are standing against gravity, with those pink nipples inviting me to suck. Now her left nipple was inside my mouth and I’m pressing right hard. Oh. She was making some sounds and holding my face with her hands. I sucked them like a baby, suddenly changed from left to right. She excited more. Some times for fun I made few bites which gave her more pleasure.

I moved down started to kiss and lick her navel. Her soft navel was coated with my saliva. I dipped my tough inside her navel hole and tried to dip more. She was in heaven; she never experienced such a soft careful loveable act from her husband. I moved further down by kissing her each and every part, now it’s time to see her honey hole, her red sexy panty is already wet, I removed it, and spread her legs, she laid there by closed eyes. What a beautiful pussy she had, her red pussy lips are inviting me to suck, her pubic hairs are trimmed well; still there are some which gives wilder look to her. I started from foot. Moved up by kissing her knee and then thighs sometimes gave her little painful pleasure by slow biting. Now I concentrated on her honey hole, she was laying there by closed eyes, enjoying the pleasure. I spread her legs actually she was expecting that I am going to insert my penis like a normal man, but I locked her pussy with my lips and started to lick them gently. Oh it was totally strange for her.

She lifted her hips and made a loud moan, and looked at me with excitement. I continued my act by looking on to her face, now her facial expression is controlled by my lips. She was holding my hairs and pushing me. What a sexy feeling it was. Now I increased my licking and sucking speed, same time I pressed her boob’s hard, increased speed up to max level her moaning sound became loud and that ended up with her entire body jerking, so she got her first orgasm. Now I went up and hugged her tight, asked her how she is feeling now? She said that this is the first time in her life; she was getting such an unexplainable pleasure. I told her now you are my girlfriend not my aunty, she said ok, I made a twist and now she is on top of me, I told her to suck my cock. First she heisted but then started to suck it, her warm mouth and slippery tongue gave me nice a feeling. I instructed her to do as u seen in the porn video, so she got the idea, now she was giving me a nice blow job; I ended it by filling her mouth by cum.

Both of us laid as hugged for a while, by cuddling each other, I again got charged, she is also ready to take me in, I slowly push my cock inside, but it was not moving in. So I pushed hard, which in turn gave her pleasure and pain, I said sorry for that and started to move it up and down.aha what a feeling it was. To my each every stroke she was making sound which in turn made me to fuck her wild. After a while I got a sign of her 2nd orgasm. I increased the speed and collapsed her tension to achieve it. Yes, she got it. Now I asked her to drive me from top, she did it like a pro, she was driving me crazy, mean while I’m enjoying her both melons completely, suddenly she increased her move, I think her 3rd one is done, for me also can’t hold more, again I went in by missionary and loaded full cum inside her. I was totally tired. We laid there for hours by hugging each other, and spent time by cuddling and talking dirty. This is all about my first experience.

Please comment me for my story.

Soon I will post my further experience with my sexy booby neighbor aunty.

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