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Bus Ride with a Married Woman

From the day i came to know that i become adult, i was always looking for a chance to test it with female. My point of looking a girl or woman was changed fast. As belong to Kerala, it is very difficult to make love before marriage though many do it. So like others i too do masturbate to satisfy myself. I use to imagine a girl in sari; hugging her from back, massaging her boobs in passion, kissing her back pressing my hard cock on her ass. I want to give her the best sex ever. So i was looking for that special moment.

I had to go to Bangalore from Kochi with one of my friend to have an interview. We booked our tickets in a Volvo night super. But at the last moment for some reason my friend canceled his plan and i became alone. I was disappointed a little. I reached the Bus Station at 7.30 pm and the bus would leave at 8 pm. I was about to get in the bus then i saw a lady was asking the conductor something in very tense mood. The lady had a baby not more than 3 years old. I asked the conductor what’s the matter. He said that she did not get ticket but had to go by that bus. She was ready to go in cabin too but the conductor didn’t agree with that.

I have a ticket as my friend not coming. If you don’t mind you can have it. I said without thinking anything wrong.

Oh really, i don’t mind. I have to go anyhow. She replied.

Ok then. But the seat is along with my one.

No problem.

It was the last November night, and the weather is very cold. She was sitting by me with the child on her lap. I gave her the window side and she was looking comfortable to it. As the bus started she said,

– I don’t know how to thank you but i pray god to do the same with you.

– Oh mention not. It’s my pleasure to have a partner in this long journey. I hate to travel alone.

– Ha ha. So do i.

She looks lovely wearing that smile. Then she offered me the fare and i didn’t accept it. But at last i have to take that as she was not leaving without taking.

So what’s your name? I started.

Ancy, Ancy Jaison; yours?

Sooraj. You are married?

Hmm four years ago….

We chatted a lot. She is a very beautiful woman. Her waist is not more than 28. I looked at her lips. They are more than just cute. They were coated with light pink color. I had a secret view on her cleavage, those perfect shape boobs are must be the center of attraction for all boys. She was wearing a blue sari covering her with a shawl. My dirty mind started growing slowly. She must be 3 or 4 years elder than me as i am 21 only. Her hubby must be so lucky to have such a sex bomb. I was thinking how to seduce her. Can i have her really? Oh god gives me courage.

Then her child started crying. I asked her why he was. She said that he wanted to have breast milk. I then think what a perfect question it was. I ask her if she was having problem for me. She said

O no no. It is okay.

Then i became relax. She started feeding him by covering her with the swal. But still he was not

Stopping crying… I asked her

What happens now?

She smiled and said,

He is not comfortable under cover.

Then! Remove that shawl.

She seemed to be worried.

Oh don’t worry i will look other side.

Saying that i turned myself giving her my back, but still he was crying.

What’s now?

I asked without looking.

Sorry for the disturb Sooraj.

Oh it’s okay. Don’t worry.

Sooraj, can you help me?


I turned. She was getting problem in feeding. She was managing her shawl by one hand and the child by other. And the child’s lips got slip from her nipple.

Let me handle him.

I offered. She was sitting left to me and feeding her left boob. I handled the child so that he didn’t slip. She covered my hands. My hands were on her lap and were very close to her right boobs. Suddenly the child moved and my left hand touched her boobs. A current passed through my body. She looked at me and i looked at her eyes. We were speechless. Still my hand was touching the boob and once again the child moved and gave a movement to my hand to. It was 11 pm. The lights were almost off leaving a little brightness only. We were watching each other’s eyes for a moment. I then gave a rhythm to my hand. She didn’t say anything and closed her eyes. I got courage and started to increase the pace. She became hot and gave her shawl to cover me with her. Now we are wearing the same cover. The child slept on her lap.

I came closer to her, placed my lips on her cheeks. Her cheeks became red in no time. Kissed her all over the face and then came to her lips. I gave her a gentle kiss first not lasting more than 3 sec. She looked at my eyes worrying what happened. I just smiled and locked her lips with mine and started smooching. She was an expert on that. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I inserted my tongue into her and took her upper lips in me. In the same time i placed my right hand on her left boobs squeezing hard. Those were so smooth to do that. I inserted my hand under her bra and take nipple. I pinched that. She made an aaaaahhhh. Then i broke the smooch and placed my lips on her cleavage. I opened her blouse, then bra. She became half nude under the cover. I started to lick her melons one by one. They were really juicy. I was licking the right boob and at the same time squeezing the left. She was moaning..

Aaaaahh. Go slowly

Ohhh keep it, feeling so good.

Then she was trying to open my zip. I helped her and she inserted her hand. Take my hard cock over

My undy. Oh god it feels so horny.

Take it good.

She started giving me a blow job there. I too inserted my hand under her sari first, then her panty. It was wet already. I inserted my middle finger into her cunt. She takes my dig with hard and started giving the rhythm then. She too took her pace with my cock. We both smooching each other and giving a hand job. I was squeezing her left boob too. Then we came to the peak point. We stop smooching but locking each other lips. She bites my lower lip hard. And we were coming together.

Oooh i’m coming.

Me too… Do hard…


And we came. We stayed in that position for sometimes. Then we wear our cloths and give her a gentle kiss. She kept her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes and slept.

We reach Bangalore at 5.30 am. Her husband was waiting for her. We exchanged our numbers and promised to meet again. She met me after one month in Kochi. We had our physical relation that time in my room. She knows that I’m the safe and perfect one to fulfill her fantasy. I know she can never forget me. I will always keep her secret and so we always like to meet.

The End..

Hope you all like this hot story…

Anubhava Kadhakal, English Kambi Kathakal, Kambi Aunty Kadhakal

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Good description. My similar experience was in suburban in Mumabi with a marati lady with traditional dress.

lucid description. I had experienc in mumbai saburban train with a marati lady in traditional dress.